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"I’ve always been obsessed with space, music, games, and life. Through my music and art, I continue to learn more about the universe around me while expressing myself through creative outputs of music and story telling. Loving and learning all different styles of music growing up, I aim to create genre-bending music that always has a groove at its heart and inspires people."

                                -Carter Fox, 2019

Carter Fox has been an active musician, songwriter, producer and artist since the young age of 15, touring with R&B legend Freddie Jackson and working with Grammy winners Pablo Batista, Leon Huff, producer David Ivory, and up and coming artists OddKidOut, Ori Rose, Jay Copes, and more while also releasing original music as a solo artist with international labels and collectives Biblioteka Records, the Acrylic Label, Chill with Taiki, Chill Space/Stellar Rider, Chill Moon Music, Lofi Munk Records, Mad Dragon Music Group, Climax Entertainment, Cold Soda Recordings, and his own Intrepid Fox Music.


His style of ‘chill-fi’ music is inspired by a passion for astronomy and a deep love for video games, combining various genres including jazz, rock, and experimental electronic into his unique style, and has garnered support from major players in the instrumental community including College Music, LoFi Girl, Chill Select, Stereofox and more. Carter's song 'Cosmic Sunset' (Acrylic/Chill with Taiki) reached #1 on Apple Music Easy Listening Charts around the world and his song Eclipse (Biblioteka) has over 2,000,000 streams on Spotify and was featured on the All-Nighter, Chill Instrumental Beats, LoFi Chill, Foco con Energia, and Boost Creativo editorial playlists.


Aspiring to one day write music for video games and films, Carter Fox ultimately wants to help score the soundtrack to the universe. Additionally, Carter has written articles about the music business, marketing, and being an independent musician that have been featured by industry trade site Hypebot, guest lectured and spoken about music, business, and bass at a variety of forums such as the University of Southern California, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Drexel University, New York University, Gerald Veasley's Bass Bootcamp, the Philadelphia-based after-school music/education program 'Rock to the Future,' and privately.

Carter Fox is endorsed by and supports Aguilar Amplification ( and Moody Leather Guitar Straps (

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